August 17th: Guided walk with city architect Tina Saaby

As a part of SPROUT Talent Week, you can join our exclusive guided city walk from The Danish Architecture Centre to “Papirøen” with Tina Saaby.

Christiansholm – better known as “Papirøen” or The Paper Island – has since 1958 housed the daily newspaper’s paper warehouse. However, those days are over now since big plans on urban development have now been set in motion. These are plans which will also be spread to “Dokøen”, “Arsenaløen” and the old Greenland Dock. The citizens of Copenhagen can amongst other things look forward to an all season harbor bath, a colonial history experience center and an outdoor stage. The Paper Island is to be made alive and popular, says the local committee!

Before the city walk’s end at The Paper Island, you will experience several exciting urban development projects. Tina Saaby will for example share the visions about the harbor as Copenhagen’s new urban space, the expansion of “Krøyers Plads” and the new bridges.

When you get to The Paper Island at 18.00, you will be offered a cold drink. Afterwards you are welcome to relax and enjoy the nice surroundings and dream about the big urban changes that will come.


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