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How does WAR affect the mind and body of both the shooter and the targets? Modern warfare is no longer only a conflict between two states centered on one main battlefield where the soldiers fight for territory. Guerilla-tactics, terror, biological, chemical and diplomatic strategies have come to change the terms of WAR end blur the borders between allies, enemies and civilians.

Where and who is our source of information on actions of WAR? Is it journalists, media, regimes or multinational organizations or refugees in the European asylums? And what part do the images play in the storytelling of WAR waging around the world?

Aesthetics of WAR, Dramaturgy of WAR, Tactics of WAR.


HATE RADIO at Københavns Musikteater the 24th & 25th 

Hate Radio is an artistic reenactment of the radio station RTLM’s broadcasting in Rwanda in 1994, during the brutal genocide. Hate Radio is chosen as one of the ten best performances in Germany at Theatertreffen 2012. Language: English.

SCHÜTZEN at CT the 22nd & 24th

A performance trilogy on bodies shaped by weapons. Schützen takes the audience on a survey of the contemporary war-body. Schützen is curated as one of the 14 chosen performances at Impulse Theater Biennial 2013.

Language: English.

THE ACT OF KILLING at CT the 23rd, 24th, 25th

This documentary film is a nightmarish vision in which killers can joke about crimes against humanity and celebrate moral disaster with the ease and grace of a soft shoe dance number. Language: English.

SOUND OF FREEDOM at CT the 23rd & 25th

Sound of Freedom is a performance about the physics of sound, the rhetoric of weapon production, acoustic bazookas, the ability of war to create meaning, and children songs used for torture. Language: English.

PÅ KANTEN – reading på Københavns Musikteater d. 22-23  

På Kanten (fr. Au Bord) er en tekst om den amerikanske soldat, Lynndie England, der blev verdensberømt i torturskandalen I Abu Ghraib fængslet. Sprog: Dansk.

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