DOX:ACADEMY welcomes students from all over the world to take part in cross-disciplinary courses during Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival March 25-29th 2019.

CRITICS’ AND CURATORS’ CLASS is a new and ambitious forum for young aspiring film critics and curators! Here students from various fields can meet and discuss ways to facilitate and write about contemporary documentaries. What is the role of criticism in relation to the continuously expanding and changing documentary format? What is the connection between curatorial practices in the art world and in festival programming? The participants of the CRITICS’ AND CURATORS’ Class will get insights to backstage processes of curating a documentary festival such as CPH:DOX as well as meet critics from some of the leading film journals. With CRITICS’ & CURATORS’ CLASS we wish to create the frames for creative and ambitious networks for film commentators, scholars and facilitators around the world.   

Moderators: Nick Bruhn-Petersen (f. 1987) is a video artist, teacher and co-editor of the new Danish film review Skuelyst. Nick has studied at Funen Art Academy and EICAR – The International Film and Television School and Film and holds a bachelor in Film and Media studies at Copenhagen University. Right now he is studying and teaching as a Teach First Graduate. Pernille Lystlund Matzen (f. 1986) places herself in the field between curation, criticism and filmmaking as a documentary director, a cultural critic and in her recent position as exhibition assistant at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Pernille holds a bachelor in Art History and a master in Modern Culture and Cultural Dissemination at Copenhagen University and Columbia University, New York. Pernille is also co-editor og the Danish film review Skuelyst that will form a base for possible productions of the class during and after CPH:DOX 2019.

How to join
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To join the class you will need to apply for an Academy Accreditation 
100 EUR // 750 DKK and upload a motivational text here.  

When & where
Monday-Friday March 25-29 2019, The Royal Danish Art Academy

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