As a part of SPROUT Talent Week you can experience an exhibition of architecture, dreams and destruction as two artist have reconstructed historical photographs into new dimensions.

Det Kongelige Bibliotek

Two contemporary artists have through the last two years researched the Royal Library’s archive of photograph in order to investigate the meaning of architecture and how it is represented in the photograph. Through their work “We build a house” appeared where photographs of great church architecture and functionalistic landmarks are brought back to life. A photograph is not just a photograph in this exhibition, but a three dimensional reconstruction, an extensive collage or a physical installation.

Join this event and stroll along as Sarah Giersing, head of the National Museum of Photography, guides you through the architecture as an expression for power and dreams, which exists in all historical photographs. You cannot just experience these artistic works with only your eyes. You need your whole body to get the full experience.

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The photo exhibition is part of SPROUT Talent Week 2016 – future-proofing cities.

Date and time: 15 August, 15:30-18:00. 

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