COLAB Copenhagen present a collaboration with Marcio Carvalho:

COLAB Copenhagen
COLAB Copenhagen is a meeting between two ways of constructing the memory, history and self-perception of individuals and states. It is taking place in various institutions and medias in Copenhagen and is next week open to the public in Copenhagen:

Saturday 30/4 COLAB Samtalekøkken 2 at Overgaden. Featuring: Ato Malinda (Kenya), Peter van der Meijden (DK), Christian Etongo (Cameroon), Jessie Kleemann (DK), Marcio Carvelho (PT), Odun Orimolade (Nigeria) and Mette Garfield (DK). Food, drinks, performances and talks between 14-17

COLAB Copenhagen is a meeting between memory-makers from Africa, Middle East and Denmark. A memory-maker is an appointed or self-appointed person who actively selects, interprets and archives the events, that constitute History – the memory, and self-perception of individuals and states.

The six Danish participants in COLAB Copenhagen are journalists, politicians and researchers at public institutions and media in Denmark. Their COLAB partners are internationally recognized artists, who produce counter-narratives in their home countries, as well as other investigations in the field between memory, identity and society.

COLAB Samtalekøkken 3
24th May 2016 – Food, drinks, performances and talks from 17-20 at Overgaden Featuring: Khaled Jarrar (PS), Brian Mikkelsen (DK), Jelili Atiku (NG), Alette Scavenius (DK), Ammar Abo Bakr (EG) and Torben Sangild (DK).

COLAB Samtalekøkken 4
25th June 2016 – Food, drinks, performances and talks from 14-17 at Overgaden Featuring: Ali Alfatlawi and Wathic Alameri (Urnamo Studio (IQ))

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