Open Call: The Artistic and Curatorial Thing

Image: Design by Ida Elisabeth Jensen

OPEN CALL: The Artistic & Curatorial Thing
28 – 31 August

Deadline 15 July 2018

SixtyEight Art Institute is welcoming artists, art writers, curators, and art organisers to join us for our annual free intensive summer programme. Using the concept of a ‘thing’, an old Nordic concept for a meeting place, an assembly of the community, or what can be defined as the precursor of the modern term ‘parliament’, SixtyEight Art Institute is inviting you to join us for a series of workshops, evening talks, and conversations, led by some of the most interesting artistic and intellectual profiles in the Nordic region. The programme is modelled as a series of workshops and lectures, which will focus on the various dimensions behind exhibition-making and artistic and curatorial research methodologies.

Thematic frame: Art Production in the New Creative Economy

This year’s summer school will operate under the thematic framework of ‘Art Production in the New Creative Economy’ as a way to open up questions and debates about new challenges in independent artistic and curatorial practices. The aim of the programme is to reflect on how artistic and curatorial methodologies continue to be collaborative, co-creative, critical, and experimental within the ever-expanding parameters of cultural production. The workshops, talks, and conversations will revolve around fundamental questions about production in the field of contemporary art, such as the production of knowledge, of space, of histories, and of artistic and curatorial discourses. If exhibition-making and other means of making art public are increasingly perceived, used, and disseminated as a kind of social capital – a resource in the creative economy – how do artists, writers, and curators create or maintain independent and critical discourses in an expanding cultural sphere, which increasingly seeks to promote and develop spectacle, performativity, or entertainment?

How can artistic and curatorial practice both reduce the effects of neoliberal cultural policies and at the same time secure and actively produce independent artistic production? Does artistic and curatorial practice conform to expectations from our current system of galleries, art markets and government grants or can it actively change them? How can artistic development persuasively balance the importance of artists’ practices, artworks, and critical ideas in times when these often take second place to mediation, value creation, and social capital? Can art practitioners and curators find new positions and critical methodologies in the current neoliberal political climate and a general popular celebration of contemporary art, the artist, and the curator? SixtyEight Art Institutes invites artists, art writers, curators, cultural producers, speakers, and theorist to collectively reflect upon how to create a future for independent artistic and curatorial research and knowledge production.

The Artistic & Curatorial Thing consists of two strands: closed workshops for ten selected participants and an evening programme of lectures that are open to the general public. The workshops are designed exclusively for participants to strengthen their understanding of curatorial mechanisms and research positions via a combined practical and theoretical approach. The workshops are closed and intimate sessions that seek to ask, at a fundamental level, how independent artistic and curatorial practice sustain, develop, and strengthen within the current challenges and change in the sphere of art production. The evening lectures are open to the public and examine the thematic frame through subquestions and themes presented as public talks, conversations and Q&A.

SixtyEight Art Institute invites artists, art writers, art historians, curators, cultural producers, and students to apply. The full programme will be announced at Last year’s speakers and workshop leaders included curator, writer, and researcher Simon Sheikh, professor Sarat Maharaj, editor of The Nordic Journal of Aesthetics and associate professor at Aarhus University Jacob Lund, curator at Savvy Contemporary Antonia Alampi, curator at BAK – Utrecht Matteo Lucchetti, writer at Kunstkritikk Maria Bordorff, and artist and organiser of Copenhagen Free University and now Hospital Prison Archive Jacob Jacobsen, among others.

To apply for full participation, including both workshops and evening lectures, please send the following to, att: The Artistic and Curatorial Thing:

–  A written statement about why you would benefit from participating in the programme (max 2000 characters, excluding spaces).

–  Your CV (including nationality, age, and contact information)

DEADLINE: 15 July 2018.

The learning programme is dedicated to Nordic based candidates and funded by Nordic Culture Point. SixtyEight Art Institute cannot cover travel cost or accommodation, but provides a free learning programme for selected participants.

SixtyEight Art Institute is an artistic/curatorial research organization that aims to uncover, develop, and further exchanges between artists and curators and their creative labour. The Artistic & Curatorial Thing is SixtyEight Art Institute’s new educational arm, which aims to organize and develop public learning formats within the local context of Copenhagen. The program is kindly supported by Nordic Culture Point. SixtyEight Art Institute’s exhibition program kindly supported by Billedkunstudvalg Københavns Kommune, The Danish Arts Foundation and Bikuben Foundation.


MRes Art in Exhibition Studies


MRes Art: Exhibition Studies
Deadline for applications – 30 June 201

MRes Art: Exhibition Studies, run by Afterall’s editorial team, is accepting applications for its second academic year. Located at the new campus of Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in King’s Cross, the course examines how contemporary art exhibitions shape the way art is both seen and made. Visiting lecturers have included art historian Claire Bishop and Roger Buergel, curator and artistic director of documenta 12. The application deadline is 30 June 2012. To learn more about the course, please visit the MRes Art: Exhibition Studies course page.

Artist Talk: SPARTACUS CHETWYND (UK), 28 January 2011, 6.30pm at IMO


Artist Talk
28 January 2011, 6.30pm

This Friday British artist Spartacus Chetwynd will give an informal talk about her work at IMO. Chetwynd is best known for her eclectic performances involving her performing troupe of mainly friends and family, but she also works in video, sculpture and painting. Drawing together many disparate sources from popular culture to epic narratives her work, whatever the medium, introduces an element of the carnivalesque into everyday life.

Recent solo shows and projects include ‘Money’, Witte de With, Rotterdam (2009), ‘The Snail Race’, Massimo dex Carlo Gallery, Milan (2008), ‘Help! I’m Trapped in a Muzuzah Factory’, Le Consortium, Dijon (2008) and ‘The Humanzee Theatre Company. Presents Giotto’s Play‘,  Migros Museum, Zurich (2007).

Forthcoming performance in Copenhagen: A Tax Heaven Run by Women (2010), Kunsthal Charlottenborg, 5 March 2011

This talk is presented in collaboration with Kunsthal Charlottenborg and Line Ellegaard.
Supported by the British Council

For more information contact IMO: +45 33 79 72  72 or

Ny Carlsberg Vej 68 OG
DK-1760 Copenhagen
+ 45 3048 7324

One Hot Summer Party: Jan Sonnergaard countdown, July 16

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Fredag 16. juli afholder IMO sommerens sidste fest. Bag pladespilleren finder man forfatter Jan Sonnergaard (DK), der vil deejaye nedtællingen til planetens totale udslettelse. På plakaten er den kolde krigs undergangsmusik plus en håndfuld æstetisk forførende billeder.

Jan Sonnergaard udgav sidste år Om atomkrigens betydning for Vilhelm Funks ungdom, der er en kontrafaktisk historiefortælling om livet i 80’erne i atomtruslens skygge. Den danske forfatters første roman starter med kapitel 20 og tæller derefter ned til kapitel 1, hvor verden går under. Hvert kapitel indledes med et citat fra periodens rockhits – fra Talking Heads’ ”Life During Wartime” over Black Sabbaths ”Electric Funeral” og Kraftwerks “Radioaktivität” til David Bowies ”We Are the Dead”.
Festen er arrangeret i anledning af udstillingen Second-hand, der tematiserer historiebevidst genbrug. Samme aften kl. 20 på IMO viser Caroline Sascha Cogez (DK/F) for anden gang fundne erotiske fotografier og 8mm film – denne gang med fokus på fødder. IMO åbner kl. 17 med sidste udstilling i serien “Sounds up close” i den gamle telefonkabine Phonebox.
Friday June 16 IMO throws the last party this summer. Behind the decks you find author Jan Sonnergaard (DK) who will deejay an apocalyptic countdown to the complete destruction of the planet. The play list is packed with cold war doom music added visually appealing imagery.

Last year Jan Sonnergaard published Om atomkrigens betydning for Vilhelm Funks ungdom or How the
Atomic War affected Vilhelm Funk’s Youth. The Danish writer’s first novel is a counterfactual historical account of life in the 80’s in the shadow of the Bomb. The story starts with chapter 20 and counts down to chapter 1 where the world is ravaged. Every chapter opens with a quote from a song of the time – from Talking Heads’ “Life During Wartime” and “Electric Funeral” by Black Sabbath and “Radioaktivität” by Kraftwerk to David Bowie’s “We Are the Dead”.
The party is part of the programme for the current exhibition at IMO, Second-hand, which takes as its theme historically aware recycling. The same evening at 8 pm Caroline Sascha Cogez (DK/F) shows, for the second time, erotically charged photos and 8mm film found on a flea market – this time focusing on feet.
The evening begins at 5 pm with the opening of the last exhibition in the series “Sounds up close” in the old phone cabin renamed Phonebox.
Ny Carlsberg Vej 68 OG
DK-1760 Copenhagen
+ 45 3048 7324

Eksklusiv visning 1. juli & 16 juli kl.19.00 | Inside the Mind of a Pervert | Caroline Sascha Cogez


IMO præsenterer i forbindelse med udstillingen “Second-hand”:

Oplev en eksklusiv visning af seks 8mm film og en bunke fotografier
i IMO torsdag den 1. juli kl. 19 og 16. Juli kl.19

Inside the Mind of a Pervert
Caroline Sascha Cogez

Seks 8mm film og en stak fotografier. Los Angeles, 1968.

Et udsnit af et privat livsværk af film og fotografier med
idiosynkratiske perversioner.

Fotografier af nøgne kvindenumser der sidder på alt fra toast, skjorter,
æsker, udstoppede isbjørne hoveder, lampeskærme til græskar.

Kvindefødder med høje hæle, der knuser et hjælpeløst objekt.
Sylespidse høje hæle der tramper, hopper og diverse genstande i
opstillede scenarier.

Samlingen vidner om en altopslugende, hemmelig besættelse af
kvindefødder og nøgne kvindenumser siddende på alt fra modelfly til
lagkager. Personen bag samlingen er en mand, der tilsyneladende har
brugt al sin fritid på at planlægge, filme og fotografere udlevelsen af
sine erotiske fantasier.

Lacan udtaler at begær, ud over det begærede objekt, også altid
indebærer afsavn. Måske derfor er fraværet af manden bag samlingen så
påtrængende. Vi ser ham næsten aldrig, kun i situationer hvor han
betragter det begærede. Han er voyeuren der filmer kvinder i parken og
cyklende piger på gaden. Nogle smiler til kameraet, uvidende om hans
blik, mens andre står med ryggen til.

Det erotiserede ligger i dér, hvor objektet møder subjektet. Der hvor
den nøgne kvindebagdel møder toasten. For ham er det i mødet med
objektet det erotiske ligger. Berøringsfladen mellem kvindens bagdel
eller fod og rekvisitten. Det er i denne spinkle flade begæret dirrer.
Han bliver objektet hun sætter sig på, og lader den spidse hæl knuse.

Bliv voyeurens voyeur


Ny Carlsberg Vej 68 OG
DK-1760 Copenhagen

+45 33797272